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Tuesday, 5 August 2008

chihuahua crapness discussed

This chihuahua confronts the viewer with a full-face stare, claws drawn. It strives to transcend its unfortunate genetic inheritance. Its rounded features call to mind the noble bovine.
Unlike the child's toy it is doomed to become, pathetic in the sense of risible,
the puppy is not crap. Rather, it is pathetic in the sense of pitiable.


  1. i love crap dogs.
    I took a photo of a crap dog the other day and I'm wondering if i should submit it to your blog! how can i send it to you? i guarantee you won't be disappointed..

  2. www.rantingdebes.blogspot.com5 August 2008 at 19:07

    I pity Paris Hilton's chihuahua dog Tinkerbell. For numerous, obvious reasons.

  3. Wow, how sensitive of you... (well, relatively speaking.)

  4. As in it's a crap dog Rene. It wears bling for goodness sake!

  5. From a 1907 Harper's Weekly article on the breeding of chihuahuas.
    "The animal resembles a small dog, whose weight is sometimes not over 1 ½ pounds, with a disproportionately large head, bulging eyes, and long ears. The hair is usually scanty, showing the pink skin underneath. One of the marks is said to be an unclosed cranial fissure, through which the brain can be felt throbbing underneath the skin. These little animals are particularly destructive, and are constantly scratching at things with their long claws. They are quite susceptible of taming, if taken young, and in numerous instances the breed has been domesticated, although they seldom show the usual dog traits of sagacious and intelligent attachment."