This blog depicts dogs so undeserving of the good name of dog that their proud wolf ancestors howl in outrage and protest from the hereafter

Saturday, 2 January 2010

crap Belgian Christmas dog

Bruges on Christmas day:

Charming medieval architecture. Frozen canals. Chocolate. Glüwein. Delightful.

But an eyesore spoils the festive view of Vlaamse volk strolling in the Grote Markt. A dog is for life, not for Christmas. Leave them at home.


  1. You are a complete douche bag. Look at you, you are saying that dogs are crap because they aren't like their wolf ancestors?? ARE YOU RETARDED?! We should be crap too, seeing as how we aren't nearly as hairy or retarded as our monkey ancestors. Kind of funny that we are BETTER than our ancestors. Are you sure you just aren't confused? There is a reason a wolf is a wolf and a dog is a dog. You fucking idiot. I bet you are giant fat man that sits on his computer, wearing his AWESOME wolf t-shirts he bought at the local spirit shop! Suck it easy, bitch! =D
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  2. She is damn hot too.

  3. Indeed, she is.

  4. Definitely hott.

  5. Fucking Gorgeous!

  6. Hello
    Thanks for this great post.

  7. Thank you for share.
    I have same dog, really cute one.

  8. Its looks pretty cute ! more pictures of it would be greatly appreciated !