This blog depicts dogs so undeserving of the good name of dog that their proud wolf ancestors howl in outrage and protest from the hereafter

Thursday, 7 October 2010

In conclusion

To hold a pillow over the small furry head of this blog, drown out the yapping, and finish it off for good, here are some treasured outraged comments, with rejoinders:

You are a complete douche bag. Look at you, you are saying that dogs are crap because they aren't like their wolf ancestors?? ARE YOURETARDED?! We should be crap too, seeing as how we aren't nearly as hairy or retarded as our monkey ancestors. Kind of funny that we are BETTER than our ancestors. Are you sure you just aren't confused? There is a reason a wolf is a wolf and a dog is a dog. You fucking idiot. I bet you are giant fat man that sits on his computer, wearing his AWESOME wolf t-shirts he bought at the local spirit shop! Suck it easy, bitch! =D Oh, and p.s. I'm a hott blonde 106 pound 22 year old. Way to pick up the ladies!!!

By Anonymous on crap Belgian Christmas dog on 03/04/10

In response: although my PhD wasn't in evolutionary biology, I daresay the idea that humanity is 'better' now than our ancestors were is just as much a value judgement as the aspersions cast about my gender, weight and t-shirt collection.

poms arent that bad you butt-plug your just jealous because you cant get lovin from anything but your hand

By Anonymous on Pompom pomeranian puppy on 19/01/10

True, alas. My sweetheart is on a tour of inspection of German crap dogs until the new year.

By that I mean this website is animal cruelty!!!! And That dog is adorable!!! And that is Offensive to me, I have a Boston Terrier!!!!!!!

By Sawyer on Crap boston terrier on 02/06/09

Sawyer, come back. Please elaborate. In what way, exactly, is this blog animal cruelty?

A dog is a dog, no matter what they look like. They are sweet souls no matter what. I've heard people voice their negative opinion on other dogs, like bulldogs, dalmations, chinese crested, beagles, pit bulls. Anyone to judge a DOG by the cover is ignorant and sick and I feel sorry for them. Hopefully you will end up completely hairless someday and someone will write a mean post about YOU.

By Anonymous on Hairless rat terrier on 10/03/09

In the event of my ending up as a hairless crap dog one day, I invite all comers to write posts about me as many and as mean as they choose.

I had a dog for 7 years and he was my best friend. A couple of weeks ago,the doctor told me I was allergic to dogs and my parents had him putto sleep. Hairless dogs are still dogs, and for some people its the only pet they can have. So, whatever point you're trying to make, it's not working. I suggest you shut your mouth and stop being so fucking immature.

By Anonymous on Hairless rat terrier on 04/11/08

Yes, I should show more respect for dogs. Like by not euthanising them for the sake of my sniffles.

I hate dogs in frou-frou sweaters and the dogs that get carried around in purses, but that's not the dogs' fault. You might as well call this dog "Crap Humans". Also, I have a big German Shepherd mix, and she doesn't like the water either. That Pomeranian could probably dog paddle if it went in, but my German Shepherd just looks pitiful and spiteful when wet.

By Anonymous on Crap floating dog on 21/07/08

No, there's no need; Crap Humans are covered by all other blogs.

And finally...

C'mon, admit it. You are enamored of these little critters. The anti-cute themed blog is a convenient cover-up for your secret love of little doggies.

By Anonymous on Crap floating dog on 21/07/08


  1. I am so sad to see that this blog is being killed! I love dogs, but I totally get your sense of humor and found this website very amusing. Thanks for the laughs!

  2. i'm actually a dog groomer and i deal with these so-called "crap dogs" on a daily basis. i really appreciated the humour in your blog and i'm super sad to see it die, but like the first poster said... thanks for the laughs!

  3. hahaha oh dear. i'm totally with you about crap dogs, me and my boyfriend always point them out in the street. but just because we joke about them doesn't mean we have a mad hatred for them. these people need to get a sense of humour. carry on blogging!!!

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